Make your visit Nîmes the best by visiting the following places

Nimes Arena aerial panoramic view. Nimes is a city in the Occitanie region of southern France

I have a holiday home in Nîmes and the house painter who did the work advised me the most beautiful places to see in this city.

Nimes is a small city in southern France

This city has a history at the time of the Roman Empire. This city offers a glimpse of the past and the present with many statues and antiquities dating from Roman times. This city is the best tourist destination, and tourists from all over the world travel and come here to enjoy its beauty.

The beauty and simplicity center

Nimes, natural relaxation is the beauty of simplicity. It became the most popular destination on Eurostar after Paris. One can explore the history of the Roman Empire because it is a well-known Roman habitat. Nîmes is in the spotlight for denim, textiles, and blue jeans. It has developed a good transportation system in the last few years.

Nîmes for Eurostar

Thanks to Eurostar for making this destination accessible by train and making the journey easy, enjoyable, and comfortable. Now the high-speed rail network system is impressive, and many tourists come from London via Eurostar. If you expected to go to Nimes with Eurostar, you don’t have to worry about the train journey to Nimes. Take the Eurostar train from London to Paris, then take Paris to Nimes for the rest of your trip with a free hidden ticket.

Attractive Nîmes

Nimes is a lively city with historical buildings and natural beauty. You can visit many places to discover your trip. Picturesque sites, churches, museums, and bars are places where one can have a lot of fun. Who loves historical monuments and works of art loves to come to this place. Exploring Nîmes on foot or by quad is an excellent option. The list of the best sites is as follows:

Roman Coliseum:

Inside Roman Coliseum

This amphitheater was built during Roman times and was mainly used for general activities. This building was built around the first or second century AD. Today, this amphitheater is used for bullfighting events and concerts. Another impressive structure is Maison Carree, a small Roman temple dedicated to the people of Agrippa around the year 19 a. C. It is well preserved to the same degree, and to this day, you can see a short movie about Nîmes’s story. Another place that can be seen in Nimes is the Pont du Gard, a Roman canal that was also built by Agrippa.

Maison Carre:

Maison Carre

It is a small Roman square that was a place of worship in ancient times. This is the best and well preserved Roman temples to date. Visitors can watch a short movie here that tells about Nîmes’s story.

The medieval cathedral building:

The Medieval Cathedral

The old city is worth visiting, with many narrow, winding streets dotted along the main boulevards. The medieval cathedral building is partially Romanesque and partially Gothic. If you go to the cathedral, ensure that you take note of the beautiful houses in the city.

Mont Cavalier:

If you have the chance, visit the nearby Mount Cavalier, which is crowned by a ruined Roman tower known as the “Great Tower.” Nîmes is famous for its textiles. The denim fabric loved by jeans everywhere takes its name from this city.

Jardin de la Fontaine:

Beautiful Garden : Jardin de la Fontaine

It is a park with a series of fountains located around the ancient Roman remains of heat.


Nîmes was making unremitting efforts for modernization, reflected in welds such as Norman Foster Carre Dar, the 1986 Museum of Contemporary Art. Other notable buildings include Kisho Kurokawa, which is a semicircle building designed to reflect the amphitheater. The beautiful vacation home and new sports stadium is modern and surprising.

Thanks to MS Peinture for these recommendations, I advise you to go through Nîmes if you have the opportunity there are real treasures, relics of the Roman era to visit.…

Best hotel recommendations to stay in Istanbul, Turkey

With an important historical reputation, Istanbul is considered to be one of the most important cities in the world. An amazing fact regarding this city is that it lies between the two continents of Europe and Asia such as Istanbul connects the Eastern and Western worlds with each other.

This city contains a rich and wide history that has influenced several civilizations including the Ottomans, Romans, and the Greeks. This historical importance is also highlighted in this city’s food, architecture, and other attractions. 

If you are planning to visit Istanbul then you may be confused regarding, where to stay in Istanbul? If yes, then in this article you will get a complete guide regarding the best hotels in Istanbul.

Basileus Hotel, Istanbul

Basileus is a three-star and best value hotel located in Istanbul. This hotel is situated in the centre of Sultanahmet district. This hotel covers a picturesque site across all the famous attractions of the city including Hagia Sophia, and the Blue Mosque.

Every room in this hotel contains a fridge, a minibar and a pair of comfortable slippers that you can use to roam around. Most of the stays in this hotel are also offered with Morning Breakfasts. 

Cozy Loft Apartment in Galata – Best Airbnb in Istanbul

In the Cozy Loft Apartment, you can enjoy the nightlife scenes of Istanbul simply by staying in this comfortable loft apartment. This hotel is located in the heart of Istanbul, the hotel is away on a few distances from the trendies bars and restaurants of Galata. Also, the top tourist attractions of the city are near this hotel.

The hotel offers a modern kitchenette, along with a free wifi availability and boasts a stunning view. The place is perfect for couples who are planning to visit Istanbul.

Jumba Hostel

The Jumba Hostel is a perfect second home while you are away from your house. And also this hostel is highly recommended for budget travellers in Istanbul. The hostel is lead by three sisters and the place is cool, stylish and clean as well.

Jumba hostel is composed of private and also, dorm-style room accommodations. The rooms are comfortable, clean and spotless. You can enjoy free coffee, tea, and also a personal touch at this hostel.

Swissotel Istanbul

Swissotel is a large chain hotel with some amazing views. The Swissotel contains pools that are located both in the indoors and outdoors. If you stay here then you can enjoy the charm and character of the hotel.  Their service is the best and top-notch. The one and two-bedroom suites are also amazing for sure. You can get a view over the whole Bosphorus which is indeed much beautiful. This hotel is a perfect choice for you if you are a business traveller who is in search of a luxurious and a well equipped hotel. Also, if you are planning to visit Istanbul with your family then this hotel is no doubt a great choice for you.