Nice places to visit in Europe

There are some really nice places to visit in Europe that go beyond your typical tourist attractions and hotspots. The following destinations advised by a friend who owns a painting company in the south of France have been lost to more commonplace curiosities and yet they make for the best trips when traveling around Europe.

The Imperial Butterfly Museum

Found in Vienna, Austria, the Imperial Butterfly Museum or Schmetterlinghaus is a tropical wonder and is the first choice destination when it comes to planning the best trip in Europe. Situated right next to the Palace Gardens, the Schmetterlinghaus houses the world’s largest collection of butterflies amidst a beautiful tropical forest right in the middle of a city. At the end of the tour, there is a short video exploring the science behind these tranquil creatures.

Ligatne Bunker

30 feet beneath a modern-day spa in Skalupes, Latvia and surrounded by dense forestland, there is an old Societ Era bunker big enough to house 250 people. Constructed in the 1960s and finished in the 1980s, the bunker’s intention was to provide a stronghold for military personnel to keep a secretive lookout on activity in the region. It also served against nuclear fallout and would sustain the bunker’s population for up to three months. Now it stands empty of personnel thanks to the collapse of the Soviet Union, but forgotten relics and memorabilia of the day still reside in the compound making it a fun destination if you’re wanting to be nostalgic.

The Silent People

Europe is home to some creepy sights but none like this, so if you’re looking for a destination that has some serious creep factors in it, then consider heading to Suomussalmi in Finland. Just over 5 miles of the main Suomussalmi Highway over a thousand people stand stock still and silent in a field. The artist responsible for these time-trapped silent people is Reijo Kela and as of yet, he has not answered a single question as to what the installation represents or how it is supposed to be perceived. Regardless, it is a seriously creepy sight when you stand amidst the winter flurries and look upon them looking back at you. The best trip is the one that leaves impressions on you and this is definitely it.


Now if you’re asked what the largest catacomb system in Europe is, you’d probably say it was the Parisian Catacombs in France, but it’s actually in Odessa, Ukraine. Spanning a disorientating 1,553 miles, the catacomb system first came into fruition in the late 1500s and has been the witness to many events since, not in the least the retreat of the Russians when they were pushed out of Ukraine during the Second World War. Even today, when new sections are discovered, explorers find weapon caches left behind from that time. If you love history and walking, then you should make the catacombs of Odessa one of your best trip destinations.


Whatever your intentions for your trip, make sure your destination lies in Europe because these are just three of the many sites rich in information, excitement, and mystery. I advise you to visit my favorite city in France with its Roman monuments which are among those which are best preserved. If you are interested in history, discover Nîmes, a Roman city in the south of France.

Thanks to MS Peinture for making me discover this city !…